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2 Blade Choices..

3 Knives : Teal Wave, Midnight Wave, The Flame

2 Blade choices : Smoky Blade or Basic Blade

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Basic Blade vs. Smoky Blade

What's In The Box?

The knife, an ArtSea sticker, 2 bite handle indicators, balisong lube, blue locktite, t10 torx screwdriver, a pivot needle tool, 4 washers, 2 pivot screws, and 2 sexbolts, 2 bushings.

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  • I love learning new hobbies. And I encourage everyone to do the same. Balisong flipping is impressive and is a common interest with every age and gender.

    So why not try it?

    Currently, I work as an artist, photographer, and videographer that loves to inspire people to acquire new skills. Some of my other hobbies include paintball, soccer, piano, and every art form imaginable. From an early age, I always wanted to be successful on YouTube. It has been an 8 year journey, but I finally built my own balisong company. I am honored and excited to share it with you!

Why Buy The Flame or The Wave?

ArtSea designed the knife herself to possess all the most useful traits a trainer should have.

These include:

-Quality 440C stainless steel blade and 6061 Aluminum integral channel handles with zen pins

-Realistic look, but not a sharp edge, having no holes in the blade improves durability

-Slimmer Handles than most balisongs

-Balancing tests were done to provide equal weight distribution

-Jimping is on each for smooth ladders

-Uses a bushing system that allows for smooth flipping with limited play and tap

-Teal, midnight purple, and fire gradients are rare colors among balisongs

ArtSea's Reviews on The Wave

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More Information

Why is it called "The Wave"?

I started this channel 8 years ago to originally be all about art timelapses, with the first one being a painting of a tsunami. Hence why the name "Art-Sea" was created. I made my logo design into a wave, so I called my first original knife The Wave. The cover of the box of this product has a picture of the wave I painted originally for you all to see :) It was always my dream to start selling a product of my own design!

Why a Smoky Blade?

My collection represents "The Natural Elements" and I needed to connect water and fire to air. Smoke is a natural phenomenon created by fire, fitting for the blade design for these knives.

Many people also wanted a blade with a thinner tip to be able to sharpen the knife easier, so giving my audience a variety to choose from for their needs makes the most sense :) I appreciate your feedback!

Why is it called The Flame?

I wanted to make a knife with a gradient design, and I am currently thinking about making all the elements possibly in the future. Of course my 2nd choice after water was fire!

It has more texture added and an inch more of jimping on the side.

Materials Used and Design

This knife is afforable WITH high quality materials used and a tested center of gravity. The blade is made of 440c Stainless Steel and the handles are channel design and made of 6061 Aluminum with zen pins. There is also a bushing system with screws, washers, and sexbolts used where the screws can be tightened down all the way to the pivot and the handles will still swing freely without tension.


The Wave comes in teal, light blue, and midnight purple. The Flame is an orange to red gradient design. The engraved versions are $10 more than the non engraved trainers. In the future, there will be special anodized designs to possibly buy or that I will use for giveaways!

You can also choose to buy a smoky blade or original blade design :)

What Is Included In The Box

The knife, box designed by ArtSea, and an ArtSea sticker is included. Theres also 2 bite handle indicators, balisong lube, and blue locktite. The box also has a bag of spare parts such as a t10 torx screwdriver, a pivot needle tool, 4 washers, 2 pivot screws, and 2 sexbolts, 2 bushings.

How Can I Be Guaranteed a Knife?

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